Airport Master Plan Update (AMPU) Study

What is an Airport Master Plan?

An Airport Master Plan is a study used to determine the long-term development plans for an airport.

What is the goal or purpose of the Airport Master Plan Update?
The primary goal of a master plan is to provide guidelines for future development of the airport, which provides the facilities necessary to satisfy aviation demand, while balancing airport improvements with local issues. Master Plans also provide the airport with the tools to react to uncertainties by examining key trends in the aviation industry. Depending on the airport, Master Plans vary in the level of detail and complexity depending on the size, function, issues and challenges. This comprehensive study for Bradley International, focuses on airfield standards and safety, as well as integration of long-term passenger terminal area improvements. 

What is the time period for the Airport Master Plan Update?
Twenty (20) years is the typical time period covered for an Airport Master Plan; however, the plan should be updated approximately every 10 years. The previous Master Plan for Bradley International was completed in 2005. 

What are the components of an Airport Master Plan?
The Airport Master Plan process is guided by the FAA and ultimately results in projections of future passenger and aviation activity growth and preparation of an Airport Layout Plan. The components for BDL Master Plan include:
·       Inventory of existing airport conditions, including new mapping and GIS
·       Update airport activity forecasts
·       Demand/capacity analysis and facility requirements
·       Definition and evaluation of airport development concepts
·       Non-aeronautical development evaluation
·       Environmental overview/analysis
·       Updates of the Airport Layout Plan drawings in accordance with Federal airport design standards.

Why is the Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA) doing an Airport Master Plan Update for Bradley International Airport?
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends that Airport Master Plan Updates be completed every five to 10 years. CAA initiated this update to properly plan for the safe and efficient operation of the Airport, while addressing airport needs and the concerns of the community.

What is the time frame for completing the study?
The Master Plan Update is intended to be completed in late 2017, with approval in early 2018.

 What facilities are considered or addressed in the Airport Master Plan?
The Airport Master Plan Update for Bradley International considers:
·       A review of airfield facilities for safety/FAA standards
·       Need for extension of the main runway
·       Need of the third (general aviation) runway
·       Updated obstruction evaluation
·       Consideration of all types of potential new passenger terminal facilities, and anticipated timing
·       Potential future air cargo facilities
·       Potential future corporate and business aviation needs
·    An investigation into possible alternative non-aviation uses of available land, which may include industrial and business/corporate development.

What is an Airport Layout Plan (ALP)?
An Airport Layout Plan (ALP) is a scaled, graphical presentation of the existing and future airport facilities, their location on the airport, and pertinent clearance and dimensional information.  The ALP is a major product of the Master Plan Update which contains information used by the FAA to program future funding assistance and to monitor the airport’s compliance with design standards and grant assurances.  It also allows the FAA to protect the airspace required for facility or aircraft approach procedure improvements.  

What types of new development should be anticipated at Bradley International? How were these determined?
The process of determining the future facilities at the airport is currently underway. The goal of the recommendations will include:
·       Maximizing passenger and user experience
·       Improving operation and maintenance requirements
·       Recommendations that can be afforded and are environmentally feasible

What is the Connecticut Airport Authority doing for public outreach?
Two public information meetings will be scheduled during the course of the study. Meeting information is available on the Meetings tab.

A study advisory committee has been established, and includes elected official, municipal representative, airport tenants, and state and federal regulators.  

How do I comment on the Master Plan Update?
Public and stakeholder comments and input to the Master Plan Update are welcome, and may be submitted through this website. All comments will be saved, reviewed, and considered.